Did you know? "'Ave a butchers" is cockney rhyming slang for have a look, because it rhymes with butchers hook!

Our butchers is new, and we're very excited about it! Like a good butchers should, we have 21 day aged beef, local Bedfordshire lamb and pork, fresh chickens certified by the RSBP, seasonal game from the Woburn Estate, award winning black treacle bacon and homemade sausage.

But we are a little different. Our Butcher is a trained chef, meaning not only can she advise which herbs, spices, and sauces to use on your meat, as well as how to store, cut, cook it, and what veg to pair it with best, she can also actually do it for you. She's more than happy to de-bone, de-fat and spice the meats, and put it into a roasting bag for you so all you have to do, is pop the whole thing in the oven! Our Chefs are always on hand to create any dish, using any of our meats, especially for you from scratch.