Did you know? The French eat the most cheese, putting away an average of 57 pounds per person a year..!

We love our extensive deli, just a few of the things we offer include over 40 cheeses, cured and cooked meats, handmade pork pies and daily bakes, fresh bread, cakes, gluten free options, exclusive olive oils, pomodorina sauces and of course we're stockists of the very popular 'Cook' meals.

The Meah Curries sauces, Brocklebys pies, and Mama Reyna mexican sauces that you’ve probably found in the established Olney Farmers Market are also available here, no more waiting an entire month to stock up!

Alongside the normal, we also stock jams, pickles, cheese biscuits, homemade quiches, local sheeps cheese, goats cheese and olives. As we look for all things local and fresh, our stock does change so if you're searching for something in particular please do let us know!